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tv   France 24 News  PBS  April 16, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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show what the car today received a first deputy minister for defence minister for faith and religious communities that are of the house of lords of the british parliament. their owners say balancing the two sides exchanged views on modern devo of central asia the situation in afghanistan in the last presidential elections the situation in ukraine in the negotiations on the railing and into the program. the set of speakers emphasized a critical role of international institutions such as us in the oecd dialogue and crisis management. here is
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the international community to support the parliamentary settlement of the ukrainian crisis which came in a very dangerous phase of military compensation agreement to boost exchange of visits of parliamentarians of kazakhstan and the uk was made. this trade turnover with the customs union countries increased by eighty percent. this was announced today in a press briefing by the head of the republic statistics agency of the hunts pile up. he noted that during the existence of a customs union export of products in russian dollars has increased significantly and with increased import the data structure because it says exports represented by commodities such as call one of uranium aluminum week commercial vehicles and excite truck. according to agency the gross domestic product in the first quarter this year was two point nine percent in total investment in fixed assets the first three months of this year amounted to nine hundred billion to knit which is more than last year. exports increased by sixty three percent with the cu during these five years. imports grew by ninety percent export of commodities increased by thirty five percent while
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exports of processed goods ite of non premium goods have increased by ninety seven percent dynamics will continue to stay the course providing investors with favorable and quite working conditions at the legislative level in the framework of copper the amnesty is the main cast of the province as a member of the vigil is spent on account of the lot now this rule should be enshrined in the legal field said the deputy. it also was necessary to determine the rate of collection which has been a big switch on to say the strand. my cousin and his appointed considered optimal size of the collection of legislation of capital in two thousand when the legislation the couple took place in the league and their collection rate was two point five percent. it was beneficial both to the state and to the owner of capital i support the vocals of the head of state and is very important or government today to conduct explanatory were among the population. strong explosion at the center of egypt cairo at the local police posted a two out were seriously injured according to walk with agencies in
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improvised explosive device has exploded recently back in early april a attack at cairo university as a result of sabotage using simple exposes vices. the deputy head of the criminal department was killed jordan's ambassador to libya if i was out of town it was kidnapped by masked image in tripoli gunmen blocked the carved into the mind and forcibly took him to a unknown direction during the attack the driver received gunshot wounds he is currently in the hospital according to the jordanian media that he's had already called the wife of the ambassador said that the diplomat was injured but as for the kidnapping on the yet to recall that after the overthrow the country's former leader moment is upbeat about seventeen hundred different group function since two thousand eleven in libya. each of them pursues their own name in smaller towns these groups actually undertaken theories powers. in a lot different office of synch connotations of the president has opened the theme of the press briefing of the new branch was the work of small assembly peoples of context and full monty and i want the region as a vice president of the association
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of korean because extent george hunt noted the party a forthcoming assembly will be the core trapeze spirituality in harmony everything up and dispenses said that the forthcoming five year plan for the country will be the most important to know these are the foundation for the implementation of this tragic august nd two thousand fifty one lead in the circumstances the most important things are peace and harmony in the country today the representatives of more than one hundred and twenty at the group's little muddy and the mudgee region the city has thirty in the region has said he had no ctrl associations community all of their own districts in large villages comes as the publicans and are actively creating for them these councils will include representatives of the mothers union and said the council became apparent that a body for the village it is important that the establishment of a cause of the publican said was an opportunity here to prevent these conflicts household level. end result is too visible in every village a taste of words with understanding and respect i think they play a role in the role was certainly a lot
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only divine. he did the reason was to extend region a threat of anticipation for the next anniversary of the great victory among the most persistent city is eve of the vile last year the veteran celebrated his ninetieth anniversary but he continues to produce been actively in life of the region being a member of the choir veterans of outlook performs in his district and he shares his memories of war with the younger generation and sing four songs at the friendly fire in the hunter thirty nine guards sponsored by the regiment he put this in the battles on the reserve at the custom boards and the front of its russia he recalls i was nearly killed early in the beginning of a service as he prepares to fly as a fighter. so at twenty to thirty minutes projectile exploded and he got into the blade and i was standing very close to i immediately jumped into a tunnel five minutes later there was a shooting after it all ended i walked out if the blade was not there which is to be my chest a guardian angel must of been there for me. today
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awarding ceremony of the disciplines of innovative ideas and projects contest among the youth was held in austin on the event was organized with the team to increased activity of young offenders and their involvement in the spirit of beaches and practical achieves as organizers say the most unusual created by guess what i mean all seventeen works which are economists project of the development of automated system for monitoring air pollution in the most of them bought a win in the vicinity surprise it was the author of a milk shake me from our smoke young and dennis will what was going to get surprises. he said. such competitions are really moving. are you to do such discoveries in positive trends especially headed to expo and the development of new technologies in green technology innovative projects which are the most suitable for the implementation will be continued through the company's cost of emissions until the end of the year they will be decided with projects will be funded housing. just combine my notions thousand by university students presented their project is electricity as the developers say its implementation will be an
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important step towards development of alternative energy sources in kazakhstan but what is true. what if electricity is generated using pedestrians roads and plans to take off from the runway introduce the deformation thereby electricity can be converted to energy is a high electricity not only because extent but also in the world given the context and will hold the expo two thousand seventeen the fact that we chose these electricity. i think is an important part of our project. this was one the lessons of family ties and represented an example of one family a film of gaza director stood up and knowledge which can cause it means little brothers were presented at international film festivals go east and wise body in germany at the heart of the marathon is a nine year old derek and his mother died his father has left town and his brother goes to school not far off city. the film for which a three month took inspiration from a story that happened in his own life. it only gets many years ago i was fifteen
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my little brother was seven early in the morning i said goodbye to him. the station because i want to see and then i thought i had to do a film dedicated to my younger brother that was a senior in high position in the moment when all the rules and if it were performed by john davidson actors. recently the picture by was recognized as the best only used in europe at international festivals santa barbara the so that's that's the easy acting with real emotions makes the film exceptional in many respects critics say this movie left the audience and was modern with a lot to think about also giving a happy light hearted approach to the most dramatic events the film skillfully combines elements of comedy and tragedy position a distance of seventeen economists say that there's a wave of cars sentiment that we are currently witnessing it is not just directors at seneca cream of corn a part of the already ordered generation is quite a considerable number of very young directors in the produce really good work it should not over oh so
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suddenly. she cuban thousand and two hundred or so plays a more and more in cornwall at international film festivals films from the situation country convince the audience strong stores and stunning landscapes like cinema great interest for a country that seems far away from your team the ordinance because our kiddos respond for the latest news is that three w dot cardstock stash tv dot cate said. i know. in the air of globalization the face of managing business and its use has increased several times the ability to react fast the surest way to avoid mistakes. the situation they're relatively new area of economic activity. risk management becomes all the more important to risk management so with managing
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risks as well as financial and production of the good relations with muslim pogrom up with some other merchandise that is physical disk management of a new routine. it was one of the eighty eight feelings with words. for some added to secure the business is still in its early stages of development. it's huge for risk management is necessary because it enables efficient use of those opportunities that are presented on the market and at the same time to eliminate the existing facts connected with the business climate within the country or abroad that era was challenging for the state as well as for the duty to intervene. so the kids. he knew was that the provisions in mustard sauce. experts at the headquarters of the world economic forum to conduct a survey of seven hundred economists of the various white picture the most pressing risks for the support team overall thirty two or three teams with five classified as in those dangers. i want them our fiscal risks connected
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with the toughening of the tax policy that a majority of developed countries. second is unemployment and third is the shortage of fresh water resources. next episode of discord and environmental changes the moment to moment given the economic risks of the majority of countries are systemic and are interconnected with other categories from politics and policy management tall fence to crisis and instruments that was about to correct the identify and characterize these risks. maybe so but it is. it was the second series lists experts no problems this past week and logistics networks over his death but he didn't acknowledge the speech may have unpredictable consequences as well as environmental issues despite the cool off tendency of the real estate market across china crisis with a rental and sale of the state offices in beijing have increased in the first quarter to see what you seek
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its reports. the average rental price has risen to twenty nine us dollars are spent each day. according to the assessment of experts this beer prices on the market last request to the state within the districts of the sink only continue to increase the preteen agency moody's has adored her. he's reading this friday to negative press press agency reports according to the abc political uncertainty in the country is affecting the trust of investors is undermining the chicken on the performance. the bond rating of the country is affirmed that he ate beef which is only one point higher than the so called john clement. the support of the largest investment banks in the world seeking morgan chase contender to march this year fell by nineteen percent compared with a cd of last year amounted to five building this dollars credit easing to some reports profit per share for the count in theory be mounted to one point twenty eight years dollars versus the one point six feet one level of the previous year. at
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the same time the children reading of the us investment giant decreased eight percent of the first quarter jpmorgan chase investment bank was established in seventeen ninety nine and is one of the world beaters in the sphere of investment banking services and trust management. currently the bank and execute it is more than sixty countries. to
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yes. off to the end. it will she is all took the view that god is to get wet. to celebrate this event. the gp group feel it yet at the historic center of the problem. we discussed the bulk of the portico and the subjugation of the car tpg group chairman joseph
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tall in his opening address underlined that it takes energy determination and belief in the future to go with less than one generation of state of war to being a fully fledged member of the biggest club but the bumper six. we admire everything has become a star and he added that the ppp group has always supported cr which is european ambitions are supporters constant and unwavering because we are convinced that we are destined to belong to the same community of values we welcome you with open arms as a partner. they're very much looking forward to working with the croatian democratic union president you must love come on go was party played a catalyst role in pushing for the eu accession. what is there an hour or an opposition is today addressed the meeting by underlining the importance of eu membership. the first of july twenty thirteen croatia is returning home to the u word belongs as a central european country. he was much more than a common market is a community of free nations for which it wishes to contribute to this community we will support a
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strong europe strong for which a change of economic policies required for which to enjoy a real benefits for the membership to go to the european elections is a vote for that change. during the second day of the meeting participants discussed the prospects of promoting sustainable growth and jobs to you. which is tightly linked with the ongoing budget debate. the optional but hey that's cool. gpt group vice chairman responsible for budget and structural policies explain the framework of debate dosen't jokes. domingo picking it up in institutions and must be given so this is that the girl aka discussions the budget the budget of tokyo but it is like a fat person. this might have discussed go to the main addiction. with the stupid
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dumb and too cheap. which we seek them with that but for the youth culture. and then for the increasingly choose to cling to these talks and jokes. this is what the dpp would we go. support for the student the addiction of that too the jokes. you know that i can play with me. what don't keep. she had to cope with the auction page the site by succession may force the courts whether west about the companies which order gets quite enjoyed following the fall of the taleban in afghanistan woman have been finding ways to express themselves. some have been succesful to meet yet. but he's the first human baby stationed in afghanistan it was set up in the office epo was ocean view but a canadian team deal in two
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thousand and three. will be the same to them fish runs the station. she saves much of its programming to some of the gigantic woman. mama asked me to cough up the stuff that happened at the hospital meal consisted of some of us but the first time. the new as in most of the pasta but that isn't just that often discussed the problems faced a woman in laws are the topics could be heated to two family marriage customs or social issues. i get it. after that i have of it. they can. diesel. check the essential crazy skip bo with the most to gain as many have asked us a lot of that bombing i wish i would open the bottom of the young man said he thought that i added some water and a shotgun and
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the ship the subtle social ideals and the city is just a few station has attracted lots of listeners not just women but also men who take it in turns to dj at the site of an idea of the savannah at hijacking. that number the stars in the senate to steal the show in beaumont afghanistan is that it means to be conservative society the folders have got access to the gk . the taleban have easily for some girls schools to close those women who do manage to choose given that in life have had to work hard for it. at that i did obama say that for me smile again ffa head of the best light i've begun to shed the sake of a contracting economy. i even said this the buffet
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that is the content of santa make the bible but as the platonic ideal of love this is based on tuesday are getting more than just arrived. they're getting an education. thanks to an initiative of the hebrew university of jerusalem and israel railways train passengers are treated to a lecture by some of the universe is most prominent professors the decision to actually see it. joe interested in what was coming. we were just thoughts. she wouldn't stop scientists of the trade is a monthly series develops this year but at the university they set themselves up in one of the cars and passengers are invited to join for free it was dedicated to the gospel site still celebrated in israel to einstein's birthday honor his contribution to the country a member of the early zionist movement might stand
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as one of the founders of the hebrew university and the creeks is intellectual property to the institution besides the senate race series is a unique way to reach out to the and allow them to experience firsthand the benefits of research and education. in the top of the industry is showing what was thought that i get on top of the week. it is that he's looking to you to get on top of the movie that i can teach me. what is the love and nine i met up with the font. but to top it all before but it's not good but can cause an advantage. wife of what he'd done other than from tuesday's local fight in the day. all i saw this and just as another nice gadgets which are complementary to the present and what you find that at this and this is different. many of the one i didn't miss the tension in the union also got infected
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and that in the process of setting up my acting in it and that the fox the president. i really hate the royal borough of kensington and chelsea is that of the family said. by the royal court to cultural society will celebrate its one hundredcess he is hetony bro hundrednd s thousand visits his showthe company wasn't. on tuesday the queen has been making a visit to the keys the chelsea flower centers or so from day to showcase need tons in twenty twelve to celebrate the queen's sixty s on the trend especially dying she be friends with some sales. he's fine country takes it into space that is entering sunday's try stretching the imagination and inspire everyone and i wanted that i'm on the geometric past and seen him yet. the structure of
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silence. this guy didn't capture the essence of happy accidents. the event a sensory delights with colors and textures combine to produce breath taking patients. another event takes place at the former head of king henry the eighth. come to court to have a stylish and it is not just in a while britain has reached godly heritage. it's an old and new cc has cost of god intends as a history that stretches back to the defeat in iraq. i just don't trust you didn't reject it well futuristic items. this is the gateway to the botanical gardens team is going well critiques night it's beautiful victorian palm house was built in eighteen forty eight she did
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or the gardens. the times story chinese and that was built in seventeen sixty one he who holds the disconnection of causing the planet. also ahead and makes the network's top. it's believed to be due for a second largest coal reserves and afghanistan. just a mind to it unless i run it was money from buying yet another size to be used to rebuild the country after thirty years the war been going to be devoted to political record. so blinding that we do begin it. the optimist there was the nation's mineral wealth of more than three trillion dollars. us intelligence the wanted to explore the country's mineral wealth back in the eighties but the primary obstacle to the destruction was a lack of security problems are still
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faces the knesset today. now these sites are heavily guarded by afghan security forces to a trucking many foreign investors for computing and it's for mining projects. one of the abilities of the open government is to be sure that the revenues coming from the huge reserves will create its revenues for the local community. in two thousand and seven the china metallurgical group corporation the one intended to mine copper at the site and i'm back south east of kabul in fugitive you know what will work on like if the project. each project eating good job. pretty entertaining for the day before. to ensure that. he was the needed to get a little of what they need to talk to me because of the kitchen. china is not hilly country investing in afghanistan india pakistan iran are actively seeking my exploration deals offering enormous amounts of money that would also pay for power plants and with a roasted in an afghanistan with south and central asia. at the nec
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excavation of honor that mourn and minerals. george is the discography but his modest restated on the first sentence reads. it's been described as the most significant ecological find enough time to reach the no call for runs a rifleman in it so the artifacts will be relocated book evoked a purpose built museum nearby in the future will be taken to the national museum in trouble was that one. these medieval from the start of the both coaches who can project in basel eighteen the less prominent pundits wouldn't that be. if you read the growth of the mining industry should ensure canadians into the crippled up an economy the main allegations of corruption regarding the awarding of contracts. mr says is improving too spicy but closing a number of bank accounts and publishing all financial details online these are big challenges but the thickening that's fine
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with the help of the stuff the stockings are far more prosperous future. some of the twenty nine dec afghanistan for the nick of time with new swimmingly ctv news life annoy you with me when you and you come to life with this topic. now it will continue to punch out


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